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    Resource Scarlet/Violet VGC Team Dumps Changed up my team for the new meta. Not as braindead to play anymore since people are prepping for dondozo religiously now. Dondozo now runs a bulkier subtect lefties set with substitute, as it's necessary against the mirror, and people are running willowisp...
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    Resource Scarlet/Violet VGC Team Dumps Hit the funny number with a Dondozo team inspired by Blunkelsito Dondozo is safety goggles + tera steel + zen headbutt to be able to ignore amoonguss and waste spore and clear smog turns. It's really funny. Tera steel also makes it that much harder to kill...
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    Walrus Bloody's 2022 Walrus

    in, gonna send soon
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    Project VGC Teambuilding Competition - Week 15 (almost here) - Building (undetermined)

    glory to lando-t In a moment of nostalgia I had the desire to make good old physical scarf lando-t work good again. Physical scarf lando-t, the OG. Not used very much this season out of a real lack of good flying/levitating mons that synergise well with it, pelipper being an exception. Often...
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    Resource Series 10 Viability Rankings

    UR -> B IMO indeedee-m is just as good or better than tapu lele. It's got niches in that fat expanding force damage and having a normal type so that it can deal with calyrex, which lele can't. Access to trick and trick room/imprison are also things it has over lele. It's gotten a good result in...
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    Project VGC Teambuilding Competition - Week 15 (almost here) - Building (undetermined)

    AV Ferrothorn Rain Fairly standard tornogre team with some spicy embellishments, namely AV ferrothorn which I find pretty underrated and very useful in the rain mirror, among other matchups. Dead standard kyogre set. Nothing to say here. Another dead standard offensive tornadus set, you know...
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    moral alignment test

    You'd think chaotic neutral would be more popular on this forum
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    Media touhou music and doujin circles

    good thread this is a real bop, remind me of italo disco also huge I also really love shibayan records bossa nova albums
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    The thread where I label your smogoff persona

    gimme the viability bruv
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    Resource Series 10 Viability Rankings

    Gyarados UR -> B- Hot take, I played a lotta games with assault vest gyarados, and honest it's pretty good if you just keep it away from regieleki, which has been dropping a bit anyway. It does great against both sun and rain teams, walls a good amount of popular mons, and has intimidate. The...
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    Old fansites ancient, but full of soul
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    Resource VGC Team Bazaar An escavalier/palkia trick room team, because choice band escavalier is the funniest thing to ever exist. Escavalier, palkia, and amoonguss form the core of the team. They cover each others weaknesses incredibly well and are in effect a self-sustaining win...
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    Your weird and wacky dreams

    gordon ramsay apparates in my house while im making a sandwich he yells at me for cutting spam in rectangles, and says it should be round I look at him in utter confusion as spam cannot be round he takes the can, and true to his word, cuts it into round slices I wake up
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    Your weird and wacky dreams

    context: frank is a friend
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    pick only 3 pills

    Assuming these pills are permanent and never wear off, 1,3,5. Immunity to all disease, permanent strength, and permanent mental clarity makes you practically immortal. Perfect health implies you can only die naturally by old age. Permanent strength implies your muscles and bones cannot waste...
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    Ideas You Had

    gloves, but they fasten with laces
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    Worst book you had to read in school

    Australian school book choices bloody suck major ass big time. There was: a coming of age poetry book, ”by the river” it was called, This shit, critical acclaim my ass, I wanted to kill every character with my bare fucking hands, This for gods sake amongst others I have since deleted from my...
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    Shower Thoughts Thread

    snails are land shellfish